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Geschlecht: Männlich   1962

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Chen Minghua

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Biographie von Chen Minghua:

Chen Minghua (chinesischer Name: 陈明华; 1962 - ) ist ein berühmter zeitgenössischer chinesischer Maler, der sich auf Freihand-Ölmalerei, Aquarell- und Pastellmalerei spezialisiert hat. Er wurde in Fujian geboren, schrieb sich 1982 an der Xiamen Academy of Arts and Crafts ein und lebt derzeit in Peking, wo er in China weit verbreitet ist und großen Einfluss hat. Seine Werke sind sehr beliebt und haben an vielen nationalen und internationalen Kunstausstellungen teilgenommen, zahlreiche Auszeichnungen gewonnen und wurden sowohl von Museen als auch von Sammlern im In- und Ausland gesammelt.

Chen Minghua ist Mitglied der China Artists Association, nationaler erstklassiger Künstler, Vollzeitmaler am Xu Beihong Oil Painting Institute und speziell ernannter Maler an der Fujian Provincial Academy of Fine Arts. Er hat mehrere offizielle Positionen inne, darunter Gastprofessor an der Chengdu University, stellvertretender Direktor des Ölmalerei-Kunstausschusses der Fujian Provincial Artists Association, stellvertretender Direktor des Aquarell-Kunstausschusses der Fujian Provincial Artists Association und Richter der 13. Nationalen Kunstausstellung in der Provinz Fujian.

Worte des Künstlers - "Experiment der Emotionen":
Emotions are a type of power that transforms into something tangible and touchable from a mysterious and inexplicable state. This is the process of emotional change, from unconsciousness to consciousness. I don't just feel this emotion abstractly, but continually experiment with it using tools, the body, and even the whole mind and body.

I don't know if emotions can be experimented with and what materials emotions are made of. What serves as the catalyst for emotional experimentation? Painting, for me, is a way of recording. I don't intentionally design a result. I usually start with doodling a set or a series of paintings with my original intention in mind, and then find an image that I think can deeply express my current state, using different tools and materials.

I like challenges and expect the emergence of alternative images and sensations in my paintings. I don't like following a set pattern, nor repeating the same painting. I can rest for a few days, but not stop thinking. Emotions make me aware of the present, and emotions won't stop, neither will painting!

Just like the alcohol I usually want to drink, my paintings are created in a state of impending passivity. First, they bring me a sense of calm, followed by feelings of anxiety, unease, and frenzy that ultimately subvert the extreme emotions of painting. I search for different patterns in the wild lines or forms to switch positions in my mind. The randomness of the frenzy conflicts deeply with my inner self, and I continuously search for balance while discovering previously unexperienced forms and colors. This allows me to break free from constraints and adversity, propelling me towards complex emotions and exposing another world within my paintings that I have perceived.

I have more themes and expressions when it comes to paper. My language on paper has no standardized structure or color, no long-term fatigue and fear, no madness and confrontation under any ideology... The freedom of thought allows me to be unrestricted by materials and tools, free from any external constraints, and I can wave my soul in the blink of an eye, as if entering a dream-like imagination. Inverted, painted flat, repeated foam... even everything on your hands can be wrongly applied. All kinds of touchable objects, any imaginable materials, even dirt on the ground, can be easily picked up and used to the utmost. The expression on paper does not require specific environments or ambitions, and this unpredictable behavior and expression can soothe many immature minds. Because various emotions and ideals can be expressed vividly. But the soul can never stop wandering...

Werkausstellung von Chen Minghua:
2022 Annual Exhibition of Chinese Free-style Oil Painting School;
2021 Gold Award at the 3rd Fujian Province Art Biennial Exhibition;
2020 Gold Award at the "Theme Creation Exhibition of Luozha Watercolor Painting in Tibet";
2020 "The Yellow River of the World - Theme Exhibition of 100 Chinese Oil Painters";
2020 "Inheritance of Artistic Tradition" Exhibition of Chinese Free-style Oil Painting School;
2020 The 1st China Free-style Oil Painting Biennial Exhibition;
2019 13th National Exhibition of Fine Arts in Beijing;
2019 13th National Exhibition of Fine Arts;
2019 Chinese-Russian Contemporary Oil Painters Sketch Exhibition;
2019 10th Chinese-Russian Cultural Fair Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting Masters;
2019 Cultural Inheritance and Chinese Freehand Oil Painting Annual Exhibition;
2018 "Harmony: Contemporary Chinese Small Oil Painting Exhibition";
2018 Chinese Freehand Oil Painting School Character Themed Research Exhibition;
2018 Cultural Inheritance and Chinese Freehand Oil Painting School Annual Exhibition;
2018 Chinese Spirit - 4th Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition;
2018 Second Asia Art Biennial Exhibition, Excellence Award;
2017 "Cultural Inheritance and Chinese Freehand Oil Painting School Masters" Research Exhibition;
2017 "Integration - Contemporary Oil Painting Language Research Exhibition" at Today Art Museum;
2017 "Jiangnan Like Painting" - Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition;
2016 National Industrial Art Invitational Exhibition;
2015 "Chinese Spirit - 4th Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition (Image of the Mind)";
2015 Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial Exhibition;
2014 12th National Art Exhibition;
2014 "Silk Road - Fujian Provincial Contemporary Art Exhibition";
2014 12th National Art Exhibition Fujian Provincial Selection Exhibition;
2014 "China Reconstruction of Image" Oil Painting Invitation Exhibition;
2013 Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial;
2012 Invitational Exhibition of Oil Painting ;
2011 Selected National Young and Middle-aged Artists Recommended Exhibition;
2009 Fujian Provincial Contemporary Fine Arts Exhibition Highest Award;
2009 11th National Exhibition of Fine Arts;
2004 10th National Exhibition of Fine Arts;
2003 First National Small Watercolor Painting Exhibition Silver Award;
2002 6th National Watercolor and Gouache Painting Exhibition;
2000 China Fine Art and Calligraphy Exhibition Bronze Award;
1999 9th National Fine Arts Exhibition;
1997 First Prize in the Still Life Oil Painting Exhibition;
1997 Academic Award at the National Youth Watercolor Exhibition;
1989 7th National Art Exhibition;
1986 First National Watercolor and Gouache Painting Exhibition.

Studierte an folgenden Hochschulen: Xiamen Academy of Arts and Crafts

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